What is the Barbell Club?

RBC was started here at CrossFit Reach as a way to help people improve in their strength along with their Olympic lifting technique.  Meant as a supplement to normal CrossFit classes, RBC will help you become stronger, more confident and comfortable when it comes to using lifts that utilize the barbell.

What type of movements can I expect to see?

At the RBC we focus on several different lifts that involve the barbell.  This includes but is not limited to…

  • Snatch
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Squats
  • Overhead Work

Why Olympic Lifting?

As Crossfitters we often get asked “Why Olympic Lifting?” Olympic lifting is extremely important to overall improvement in CrossFit.  This is 100% true if you are looking to compete and be successful at competing in CrossFit.  

According to CFGanalysis.blogspot.com, “the snatch and Clean & Jerk in the 2011 and 2012 games were worth 20% of the total allotted point value. If you include accessories, that number goes up with 36%.” Think about it.  1/3 or the points that were given in the CrossFit Games came from or were related to Olympic style movements.

What if you aren’t interested in competing? Should you still practice the Olympic Lifts? By practicing the Olympic Lifts it helps to increase power and explosiveness. In addition, by practicing high level skill lifts like the snatch this is turn should make less skilled movements easier to complete.  If we can perfect our clean and jerk then we certainly can perform a Wall ball shot better.

What are the Movement Requirements to joining Reach Barbell Club?

RBC is meant as an advanced class that helps people who are sufficient in the movements (snatch, clean and jerk) and make the adjustments necessary to advance in their lifts.  Barbell Club is not meant as a class to teach the movement but rather improve upon it.

Some movement requirements that will be needed include…

  1. Being able to perform a proper Air Squat
  2. Being able to perform an Overhead Squat at full depth with an empty bar.
  3. Being proficient in performing a Front Squat with a proper front rack position

If you are unable to perform these movements successfully at the moment…don’t worry! Work on improving these movements during CrossFit classes and after a month or so, you can re-test into the RBC.

When is the Barbell Club?

At the moment we will be holding our Barbell club classes on Monday and Thursday nights starting at 7-8pm.  As the Club grows, so will our schedule.

Is the Barbell Club for everyone?

At the moment the RBC is only for members of CrossFit Reach.  Additionally, the RBC is meant as an advanced class and is not intended for beginners or those just starting out with CrossFit (this is what our normal class schedule is for). In order to participate in the RBC participants must be sufficient in their movements.

Who is the Barbell Club NOT for?

The RBC is designed to create an atmosphere of learning and applying what you learn. If you are not willing to work hard, listen to the coaches and fall down and get some bumps and bruises…the RBC is not for you.

How much does the Reach Barbell Club cost?

There is an additional cost to participate in the Barbell Club, yet very minimal. For current members looking to join the Barbell Club it is only $399 for the year. As the barbell club continues to grow it will eventually become its own membership but those who join at a certain rate will remain at their rate as long as they stay active.

How do I join?




Simply send us a email:dana@reachathletics.com and let us know that you are interested in joining.