When you become a member of CrossFit Reach we want to make absolutely sure that you are able to workout in a completely safe environment while gaining knowledge at the same time.  This is why we require all new members to complete our intro course.

With CrossFit, we use many different types of equipment to give you the best workout possible.  Some of this equipment you may have never used before which is why we developed our Intro Program.

Our Intro class consists of two parts, Part A and Part B.

PART A: Of the course, we go over the behind the scenes methodology of CrossFit including:

What is Fitness?
What is CrossFit?
Characteristics of Fitness
Squat Series

PART B: We review what we learned in Part A along with a few additional topics that include:

3 Different Types of Presses
Wall Balls
Goal Setting

When you complete our Intro Program, you can expect to have a greater understanding about CrossFit and not only what type of exercises and movements we use, but also why we do them. This course will give you the head start that you will need to jump right into the groove of our classes.

Our Intro Classes are normally held Thursdays at 7pm.  New members are expected to complete two consecutive Thursday night intro classes prior to attending regular class.

Cost of Intro Program is $99 for new members.