Dan Dumont


Dan Dumont

Head Coach

Dan is an extremely passionate person and freely admits to being obsessed with the sport of CrossFit and coaching here at CrossFit Reach. Dan started his CrossFit journey three years ago as a member of our box before transitioning into a coaching role. Through CrossFit, Dan went from being 200lb+ a few years out of college to a trim 175lb CrossFitter and one of the best athletes in the box. Through his own personal journey Dan has gone on to become an excellent coach who has the ability to realize the potential in the person he is coaching and adapt his coaching to suit that person’s needs. Dan has also assumed the role of Head Coach and head of Programming here at CrossFit Reach. If there is a workout that was hard and you didn’t like…you can thank Dan! Dan is also one of the Coaches of the Reach Barbell Club. Outside of CrossFit, Dan resides in Dracut with his wife and his dog Kendrick. Dan is also a Front End Developer for Constant Contact in Waltham, MA.

Dan currently holds:

  • B.S. Communications Media, Graphic Design, Fitchburg State University
  • CrossFit L1 Trainer
  • USAWL Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
  • Attitude Nation Certified under Jon and Jessica North
  • CrossFit Mobility under Kelly Starrett
  • CrossFit Gymnastics under Jeff Tucker