Do You Accessorize?

When it comes to CrossFit, everyone loves to do the big movements. Anything with a barbell, pullups, rowing and burpees (ok maybe not burpees). 

It’s important to work the major movements and lifts as it makes us stronger and healthier overall. 

But all too often we forget to accesorize. 

No, I’m not talking about matching your nano’s with your wrist wraps (not that there is anything wrong with that) or coordinating  your headband with your Oly’s (also, nothing wrong with that). 

I’m not talking about fashion emergencies…but rather fitness emergencies. 

I’m talking about accessory work. 

What is that? Well, accessory work is typically movements or exercises that work the smaller muscle groups, stabilizers, etcs. It helps to maintain that strong base that our larger muscle groups work off of. 

When do people get hurt? Major muscle groups are strong…minor groups are weak. Fitness Emergency!

Here are some Accessory movments you should start to incoporate into your routine…whether it is before or after class. 


1.) GHD- We have two of them at the gym…use them! These are awesome for building up your core strength in not only your abdominal muscles, but also in your lower back. Get a stronger core and your back pain will magically go away and PR’s will appear. 


2.) Good Mornings- These are similar to the GHD in that they work your lower back. Strengthening your back is huge when it comes to improving strength. You can use a pullup band or a barbell for this movement. 


3.) Planks- Under rated type of accessory work but will help strengthen your core. Start at 45-60 seconds and work up from there. 


4.) Side Walks w/Mini Band: Doing this side walk will strengthen your lower back, as well as the muscles in your legs used to move lateral, which is often neglected in CrossFit workouts. 

5.) Breaking Down Larger Movements: Instead of practicing a full clean and jerk, focus on the clean pull, or do a behind the neck jerk. By breaking the big movements down into parts, you’ll become more effiecient and proficient in each part of the movement.


By adding some additional accessory work to your workouts, you’ll see a big difference in your strength as well as lowering the risk of getting injured!