The decision has already been made….

I have a damaging confession to make. 

My motivation to workout has been at 0% this past month. 

It’s true. 

Since coming back from Miami a few weeks ago I haven’t had the passion to workout. I’m not sure if it is because of things I got going on with work, my diet, this cold weather, etc…but for whatever reason the excitement hasn’t been there. 

Now I know that might be hard to believe coming from a guy who is all about health and fitness. Someone who has been in the fitness industry helping people get motivated for almost a decade.  In fact, all I’ve ever wanted to do since discovering working out myself is to help people find that passion for fitness; the same passion that I found the summer of my freshman year in college. 

I’ll never forget that summer.

I was coming off of freshman year and didn’t really know what I wanted to do in life or what direction I wanted to head. I wasn’t very confident in myself or my abilities and that was evident in many areas of my life. Even studying Exercise Science my freshman year I still didn’t know what I wanted to do and I certainly had no clue what I was doing in the gym either. 

But that summer going into my sophmore year changed everything.

I remember looking in the mirror at myself with my skinny frame and I remember making the decision that I was going to make a change. 

So I did. 

That summer I worked out 5 days a week for 2 hours a day.  I had no idea what I was doing at first, but I managed to make some friends (who were bigger than me) who seemed to know what they were doing who were able to guide me in working out.

At the time I had a landscaping job and I’d head in to the gym around 5 o’clock after cutting grass all day. There were days where I was physically exhausted from work and didn’t want to workout…but once 5 o’clock rolled around I was in that gym at Fitchburg State working out.

I even remember the times of how painful that barbell felt on my back while squatting because I had gotten sunburned at work. But it didn’t stop me..because I had already made the decision to change. 

When that summer ended and school was back in session, I was a changed man. No longer did I feel weak or unsure of myself.  I was confident and hungry to continue what I had started. I found my passion in life and people around me noticed those changes. In fact, it was because of that decision I made that summer that put me on the path that I am continuing to walk today. 

Now lets flash forward 9 years to get back to present day. I haven’t had any motivation to workout for whatever reason. With a combination of being busy with work, the weather, a few little nagging injuries, etc..motivation to push myself hasn’t been there.

But here’s the thing. 

Did you think that because of my lack of motivation I have been missing my workouts? Nope. 

I’ve yet to miss a workout because I wasn’t motivated. 

I’ve yet to feel sorry for myself or let work or the weather get in the way of me not working out.

Sure there has been times where I’ve had a bad day or something else has my mind pre-occupied…but I still make my workout.

And sure this past month my performance in my workouts hasn’t been 100% of what it usually is. But I’ll be damned if I miss a workout because of that.

Why is it that I still workout when I have 0% motivation, I’m tired and busy?

The reason is simple…the decision to workout and make a change in my body was made back in front of that mirror almost 10 years ago.

This is one thing that many people in general make the mistake with in their workout and in life in general.  The decision to commit to make a positive change in your life is not something that you do when you are motivated and stop when something gets in the way. 

The decision is made only once and that decision is up to you to follow through and act upon. 

That’s why I always encourage my clients to not let things like work or life get in the way. You CAN make it work regardless of what your situation is. 

The fact that you have 3 young kids is not a reason to stop working out because there are people out there with 4 kids who never miss a workout. 

The fact that you just changed jobs and now you have to leave for work earlier is not a good reason to stop working out because there are people that change jobs so they get up earlier so they can get their workout done earlier. 

The fact that you have an injury is not a good reason to stop working out because there are people out there who modify their workouts so that they can continue to workout until their injury is better. 

The fact that you think you cannot afford a gym membership is not a good excuse not to workout because there are people who find ways to afford a gym membership (After college I cancelled my cable so I could afford to workout at a nice gym) and if you really can’t afford it…there are at home workouts you can do. 

Motivation comes and goes. Motivation shouldn’t be directly tied to you taking action. Many times you need to take action first before the motivation and passion comes. 

This morning I was tired and thought about sleeping in. It was cold outside and I really didn’t have to go into the gym if I didn’t want to. But the decision was made a long time ago so I got up and went to the gym to workout. 

The workout was miserable (anything with burpees and thrusters usually is).

But you know what? 

Something clicked in me today. I found myself excited after finishing that workout. I felt good during the workout and even better after. I was motivated and had that feeling of excitement again. 

Sure it was tough but I’m glad I didn’t listen to my tired body and just worked out anyways. 

When you walk through that big garage door at CrossFit Reach on your first day it is because prior to walking through that door you decided that you wanted to make a postive change in your body. Maybe you wanted to have more energy, fit in your clothes better, get stronger. 

Whatever the reason, you made the decision on that first day to make a change.

Don’t forget that. 

Motivation and passion come and go. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. There will be days, many days even,  where you won’t be motivated to workout. 

But just do it. Show up. 90% of life is just showing up. 

Don’t let schedules, family or financials dictate your schedule or what you can and cannot do. 

You joined CrossFit Reach to make a change and there is no better place than here to make that change.

I am willing to do whatever I can to help you in your fitness journey. 


The decision was made a long time ago.