CrossFit Reach Athlete Profile: Joe Gibowicz

We wanted to give you all a glimpse into our community and feature the people that makes our gym what it is today! For our first profile we’re featuring none other than Joe Gibowicz!

‘Joe G’ as known on the whiteboard, has been at CrossFit Reach for a little less than a year now. He works hard and has made some great strides in the past several months.


1. What attracted you to CrossFit Reach?

I started with 10 sessions through groupon. It was a present from my wife, as she knew I was looking to try a new workout regimen.


2. Now that you’ve been here for a while, what keeps you motivated/coming back?

The atmosphere! The people (trainers and athletes) are great and are really good at encouraging you to get through a workout. The variety of workouts also is very motivating.


3. What is your athletic background?

I played baseball and football in high school and have continued to stay active since then by running, biking, playing softball.


4. Favorite CrossFit movement?

I like any of squat movements and box jumps (yes, box jumps!).


5. Least favorite CrossFit movement?

Kettle Bell Swings.


6. What’s your favorite TYPE of CrossFit workout?

Met Con workouts. I enjoy the combination of the cardio and weights during those workouts.


7. Which classes during the week would somebody see you?

7:30 AM, 5PM, 6PM & 7PM. I have also gone to the 6:30 AM classes and Saturday classes. I look at my work and family schedule each week and see when I can fit in my crossfit workouts!

8. What’s your favorite CrossFit moment thus far?

Finishing a WOD faster than Rebecca 😉 (my daughter’s gymnastics coach). Also hitting a PR (personal record) for cleans last month.


9. What type of music are you into?

I really enjoy a wide variety of music, except for country. I like classic rock from 70s-80s, grateful dead, phish, 90s music from Seattle, Beastie Boys and many others, including newer artists.

10. What music do you enjoy working out to?

The trainers usually have a great variety of music playing during the work outs! Anything upbeat and fast is great to work out to.


11. Name a favorite movie and why.

It is tough not to say the Godfather here but I am going to have to go with Lord of the Rings. Tolkien’s writing and subsequent movies have influenced many others; Harry Potter books and movies and even Led Zeppelin songs all have been influenced by Lord of the Rings.


12. Where is your favorite vacation destination?

The family Lakehouse in Maine.

13. What do you do for work?

I have worked in the field of special education for 22+ years. I am currently a special education administrator.


14. What are your hobbies outside of the gym?

Baseball, gardening, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, running and home-brewing.

15. Where did you grow up?

Western Mass.

16. What is one piece of advice you would give somebody who’s thinking about joining CrossFit Reach?

Don’t think, just do it!!! When you do, commit to at least 3x per week – you will notice a difference!