5 Tips to Dominate Your Double Unders

Last year at the CrossFit Open many people were shocked at the 14.1 workout announcement. 
The were shocked not because of the difficulty of the workout or how long or tough it would be, they were shocked for a completely different reason. 
The workout had double unders. 
This was a first in the CrossFit Open as typically the first workout was something that didn’t require much skill or finesse to accomplish. But 14.1 was different. In order to be successful in the workout, you needed to be able to double under. 
Here at CrossFit Reach, we had many members who struggled through that first workout…because they hadn’t taken the time to learn and practice their double unders.
Double Unders are not difficult to learn…but you have to put the time into learning them. 
As the creator of the Dominate Your Double Under Program, I want to help as many people as possible learn how to do double unders so that they are never blind sided by a double under workout again. 
Here are 5 tips that will help you get closer to dominating your double unders. 
1. The Setup: In order to be successful in double unders, you need to be set up correctly with your jump rope. 
Feet should be underneath your hips. 
Stand tall with your arms slightly bent at your side. 
Look straight ahead but should still be able to see your hands with your peripheral vision. 
Also, thing about keeping your arms in tight…as if your triceps were stuck to your sides. 
2. The Jump: It’s important that when you are jumping that you keep your feet underneath you the entire time. You don’t want to donkey kick (kicking your legs back) or pike (kicking your legs forward). Both of these will make it really hard to rebound off of the ground. By keeping your feet underneath you, this allows you to stay light on your feet and rebound faster. 
Also, think about lengthening your jump as if you were trying to touch your head to the ceiling. Remember, that rope is less than a centimeter thick…so if you jump 6″ in the air…thats more than enough room for it to pass through twice!
3. The Wrists: The wrists should be doing the most work when it comes to getting that rope around. It’s important to keep your arms in tight and use your wrists as that is the most efficient way to do multiple double unders in a row. Remember, as long as your wrists are moving faster than your jump, you’ll be in a good position to get a double under. Even if you have to slow your jump a bit, thats ok…just as long as your wrist speed is high and in sync. 
4. The Rope:  There are hundreds of choices when it comes to a good speed rope. In terms of brand its really personal preference. However, its very important that you size your rope correctly. Make sure that those handles are no higher than your armpits (leave it a little longer if you are just starting out). Also, the handles are like the shaft on the golf club…the most important part. If you can find handles that spin smooth without resistance, this will help give you an advantage. 
5. Practice: Above all, there is nothing more important to learning the double under than being consistent in your practice. If you are consistent, you can learn in less than 21 days as I prove in my program. 
The Double Under is an awesome movement that is extremely cool to learn. If you follow these five tips you will be well on your way to dominating your double unders and you will never have to worry about a Open announcement again! (well at least for double unders).
Keep Rockin!